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Tony Stewart girlfriend and his life

All those that are into car racing have heard of a name of Tony Stewart. We all know about his professional achievements. But how much is known about his personal life? What do you know about his love life? Do you know who Tony Stewart girlfriend is?

Tony Stewart Girlfriend

About the professional life of Tony Stewart
I know that all of you are anxious to find out who Tony Stewart girlfriend is, but let me first say something about his professional achievements. I believe that most of you don’t know that Tony Stewart’s full name is Anthony Wayne Stewart. He was born on the 20th of May in 1971 in Indiana. Tony Stewart was prone to great success in car racing, which he showed back in 1987 by winning the World Karting Association championship. Since then, it was all like a true dream for him. He has won many titles by racing in the United Midget Racing Association and United States Auto Club. In 1993 Tony Stewart won the Hut Hundred and was proclaimed the National Midget series champion in 1994. Then in 1997 he moved to Indy Racing League just to improve himself to NASCAR Sprint Cup series in 1999 where he had won many titles. In 2009 he became a NASCAR team owner. What a career! But what about his personal life? Who is Tony Stewart girlfriend?


Tony Stewart personal life
Many ladies in the last couple of years were rumored to be Tony Stewart girlfriend. Therefore, there are many posts on the internet related to the Tony Stewart girlfriend. Does he even have one? Who could she be? Is she famous as well? Is she a sports lady? To all of these questions we will give some answers in the following passages. To start with the name of Stewart girlfriend – her name is Jessica Zemken. Sounds familiar? Well, to those of you who love car racing this name should be more than familiar. Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken also comes from a racing family. She is a well-known veteran in the DIRT modified racing. An interesting info is that Jessica Zemken’s first race was when she was just two years old. How great is that? Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken was also very successful in her career… She has won many races and many titles. Not to mention the numerous consecutive wins.

Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken
Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken look cute together. They truly are a magnificent couple – both so successful at what they do, they seem to have solid relationship. Fans are already wondering whether Tony Stewart proposed to his girlfriend Jessica Zemken. We don’t know the answer for sure. I guess we will have to wait and see.